Why hybrid work needs an AI solution

Webex ai will change collaboration forever

Hybrid work has surfaced many new challenges for employees including managing surpluses of information, meeting overload, and constant distractions at work. Recent advances in generative AI have aimed to combat these challenges head on. Now, it’s easier to help your teams find the right balance and take advantage of the flexibility that hybrid work offers.

At Webex, we apply generative AI cohesively to video, audio, and language, to greatly improve how we collaborate. In this session, we'll demonstrate various use cases that illustrate how the new AI Assistant is helping customers meet their business goals by:

  • Empowering the hybrid workforce to reclaim time previously spent on manual tasks.
  • Enabling teams to accomplish more in a day than ever before.
  • Unlocking new levels of productivity to improve business results.
  • Delivering equitable experiences for hybrid workers.

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