Transitioning to a Hybrid Sales Model with 3D and virtual reality in Webex

The metaverse, 3D and virtual reality are no longer the purview of gaming enthusiasts or Hollywood filmmakers. But how do you introduce these emerging technologies into your hybrid work strategies?

With 3DFrame, a Webex Embedded App by Vection Technologies, products and content come to life in 3D and virtual reality, right inside your Webex Meeting.

3D and virtual reality represent the next major leap in hybrid workplace interactivity, where the virtual world interacts seamlessly with the real one. Businesses and organizations can now unlock countless opportunities: from product sales, technical support, and training, to learning and development.

Watch this webinar to explore the ways that the convergence of 3D and VR technologies and their use cases can benefit businesses and organizations.

The topics included:

  • How to launch 3DFrame from your Webex Meeting.
  • How to present products in 3D and virtual reality.
  • The overall benefits to organizations.
  • How 3DFrame can help organizations.

Register now to learn how to introduce 3D and VR technologies to your Webex meetings and immerse yourself into the future of virtual meetings.

Phil Edholm

Gabriele Sorrento


Vection Technologies AMER

Phil Edholm

Davide Grandis

Technical Solutions Architect

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