Have You Been Looking at Hybrid Work All Wrong?

An Inside Scoop on How Cisco Leads Hybrid Work

Offices have been opening. Everyone is talking about return to work and companies continue to change the rules. People are confused. What should organizations do to handle hybrid work challenges?

Hybrid work is not really about where you work, even if most businesses are still defining it that way. And by hybrid, it's not what you think. It's not onsite vs. offsite. It's not days of the week in the office vs. home. It's not about the hours you work. It's that and more. It's about leadership, people practices, the work that is best done in-person, team norms, leadership capabilities. Hybrid work is the where, when, and how People, Business and Technology intersect.

Your business will be left behind if you only plan for where you work. Is your organization doing everything they should to innovate, keep their employees happy and business successful with a competitive advantage? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more.

Audrey William

Chris Barwick

VP Cisco Collaboration Strategy and GTM

Chris Barwick is the Vice President for Cisco Collaboration Strategy and GTM. Chris leads a team building and executing a plan to grow Cisco's Collaboration subscription business.

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