Making the Move to an AI-Driven Contact Center

A 3-part series featuring Sheila McGee
Webex Workplace

There could be many reasons why your current contact center solution isn’t working for you anymore. Whether your vendor is no longer viable, or they can’t keep up with the pace of innovation your business requires, it’s time to move on.

But customer expectations are higher than they’ve ever been, so the decision you make today will have a massive impact on your business.

This 3-part webinar series is designed to give you the answers you need as you navigate your next move. Industry analyst Sheila McGee-Smith and Jono Luk, VP of Product Management at Cisco, sit down to walk through key considerations for your path forward, based on conversations they’ve had with thousands of businesses, just like yours.

Join the event to get answers to your most pressing questions:

  • What are the top things to consider when moving to the cloud?
  • How should you be thinking about AI in the contact center?
  • Should a UCaaS or CCaaS decision come first?
  • How do you make a future-proof investment?

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