Webex + Miro: Importance of Visual Collaboration in Hybrid World of Work

Bringing visual collaboration into a company’s tech stack has been shown to help overcome the technical and cultural challenges of hybrid work.

Webex Workplace

Work will never be the same. Fifty-seven percent employees expect to be in office 10 days or less each month and 98% believe future meetings will include remote participants. Hybrid work is the future of work and creating equity between remote and in-office employees is critical to the success of hybrid workplace.

During this webinar, we’ll explore how integrating Miro’s whiteboard into your Webex meetings can make hybrid meetings more visual, engaging, and inclusive, and redefine the concept of the conference room to create a single workspace for all meeting attendees — virtual and in-person. Bring the power of Miro into any Webex Meeting to brainstorm ideas, take notes, and visualize concepts with your team in real time. Keep the conversation going beyond the meeting — access all your Miro boards and work on your own time, without ever leaving the Webex space.

Topics covered will include:

  • Webex’s extensive platform ecosystem
  • Why hybrid work will continue to explode
  • How visual collaboration is critical in making hybrid work successful
  • Getting the most out of Miro and Webex for all teams across a company

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