Empower your frontline workers to be productive anywhere

Webex Expert on Demand is a solution for bringing collaboration to the frontline through assisted reality devices and the power of Webex.

Webex Workplace

The rise in remote work is accelerating new trends in the workplace. Unlike traditional workers, deskless or ‘frontline’ workers are constantly on the move in their work environment. They need to be empowered to work at any time, with anyone, and from anywhere.

Enter: collaboration tools. With the right technology, industries employing frontline workers can maintain high levels of operational efficiency, productivity, and cost optimization.

Webex Expert on Demand enables faster and smarter collaboration experiences for workers, no matter where they are.

Watch this webinar with our partners Realwear and Augmentir to learn how wearable technology and AI-powered connected worker tools, together with Webex Expert on Demand can empower your frontline workers to be productive, anywhere.

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