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Webex Calling

Cloud Calling that Keeps you Connected from Anywhere

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Is your cloud calling solution elevating your hybrid work strategy?

The future of work is hybrid – allowing employees to collaborate from home, the office, and everywhere in-between. No longer do employees want to commute to compute, and cloud calling is one of many tools that enable teams to stay connected from anywhere.

By attending this session, you will see and experience the latest innovations in Webex Calling, and why Webex Calling is the best-in-breed cloud calling solution. Learn how to use Webex Calling basics like elevating calls to meetings, how Webex Go enables the convenience of mobile native dialer for business use, and how Webex Control Hub makes system management a breeze.

What to expect:

  • Introduction to Webex Calling
  • Webex Calling demonstration within the Webex App
  • Cisco endpoint experiences with Webex Calling
  • Webex Calling feature spotlights
  • Preview how Webex Control Hub makes management easy
  • See what's new with Webex Calling


Session Dates & Speakers

Friday, February 10th

Friday, February 24th

Friday, March 10th

Friday, March 24th

Justin Jordan

Justin Jordan

Engineering Product Manager


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