Intelligent workspaces start with Webex Devices.

Safe at the office. Productive anywhere.

Webex Workplace

The office of the future is now, and it looks a lot different than the office of the past. It is being transformed to not only support the rotating cast of in-office and remote workers, but it also needs to be optimized for safety. In a recent survey, 97% of people stated they wanted changes to make the office safer before they return.

That’s where Webex Devices come in. By designing your office with intelligent devices that bring together your hybrid teams, you can create workspaces that are both safer and more collaborative than ever before.

Watch this webinar to learn about Webex Devices and key features, like:

  • Webex Assistant for touchless meeting experiences.
  • Automatic system wake-up that greets you when you walk into the room and suggests activities, like starting or joining your next meeting.
  • Digital signage to provide health and safety information to everyone.
  • People count for avoiding overcrowded spaces and optimizing room usage.
  • Powerful cameras that automatically detect meeting participants, provide ideal framing, and track each active speaker.
  • Automatic noise suppression that reduces disruptive sounds like typing, paper rustling, and more.

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