How to maintain security in a hybrid work environment

Learn what you need to do to ensure security, compliance, and privacy when it comes to hybrid work, and why Webex is the industry-leader.

Webex Workplace

Security is paramount today. With people now working from everywhere, your risk surface has expanded. Even if your databases and networks are protected, your communication with others may not be.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Deliver extended security capabilities, advanced privacy features, and built-in compliance options to meet industry and regional requirements.
  • Employ encryption and zero-trust security that authenticates users, room devices, and compliance.
  • Safeguard your devices with security that includes idle time-out, forced PIN-lock, and remote wipe of content.
  • Establish data loss prevention that protects sensitive information from being shared or shown, to keep your organization and clients safe and compliant.
All this, without compromising the simplicity, usability, and overall experience for your users.
Watch today to unlock valuable security insights.

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