Lead the way with collaboration devices for hybrid work

An invite only program to drive the adoption of hybrid work

Welcome to the hybrid work enablement program

It’s no secret that the global pandemic has changed the future of work. As we move forward, hybrid work environments are critical to creating personal and inclusive experiences for employees. Strategic investment in the future of hybrid work is a must. Leaders are recognizing that it’s not just about location. It’s also about the connection of people, culture, safety, security and creating new opportunities.

What is the program?

As part of this program, we will send you a Webex Desk Pro — at no cost to you. The Webex Desk Pro comes with features to enhance your meetings experience and improve productivity by removing common frustrations such as simplifying tasks and enabling co-creation with teammates. Check out this video to learn more.

Use this device and see how these features impact your workday. Along the way, we will send you tips and tricks based on how you use the Webex Desk Pro to help you optimize your hybrid work experience. In order to do this, we will collect and process the following information:

  • Your name
  • When and how you use the device - for example, as a monitor, webcam, to make calls or use as a whiteboard. No information related to call participants or content is ever stored.
  • How the device is set up

This information will be collected and processed for the purpose of helping you get more value out of the Webex Desk Pro and only for the duration of the trial. For more information on how we process your personal information see Ciscos Privacy Statement.

How to get started

The Webex Desk Pro is a premium video device. We want to make sure you’re ready and excited to receive it - and that we send it to the right location for you! Therefore, we are asking you to confirm your participation by completing this form.


The content of this landing page is confidential and intended for participants in the Hybrid Work Enablement Program. If you are a member of the Hybrid Work Enablement Program you would have received a personal email invite from your Account Manager. Please do not forward or share this page. Form submissions will be cross-checked.

Privacy Notice

To facilitate the shipment of a Webex Desk Pro to you, Cisco may share your name and contact information with EOS IT Solutions UK LTD and their affiliates. To learn more about how Cisco may process your personal information, see Cisco’s Privacy Statement To view a copy of EOS IT Solutions’ Privacy Policy, click here

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