AI-powered collaboration, super-powered productivity

Watch this on-demand webinar to to learn how to keep teams focused and engaged with industry-leading intelligence features in Webex.

AI introduces a whole new level of productivity and engagement when it comes to collaboration. It eliminates mundane tasks and lets everyone stay focused on what truly matters. That's why Webex builds intelligence in across the entire collaboration platform. Take advantage of automatic note-taking, action item follow-up, closed captions, real-time translations, meeting transcriptions, and more.

According to Metrigy Research, more than 41% of companies who take advantage of these kinds of intelligent automation features have seen tremendous benefits, including:

  • Eliminating 10 to 18 minutes in post-meeting follow ups and task management.
  • Reducing costs associated with meeting translation (averaging $172 per meeting, per language).
  • Improving team efficiency by storing meeting notes and transcripts within a team collaboration workspace for easy access.
  • Reducing meeting time by up to 40% due to more focused participation on discussions (and less time on note-taking).

Just imagine what AI could do for your meetings.

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